About Trading

Traders will be able to access the trading platform through the online broker's website. The Cross Trade platform will have a separate trading link, and after you have entered our trading system, you will land on the trading board. From there you will be able to review the complete order book, where you can view both buy and sell orders and submit your orders.

All S&P 500 stocks are available for trading: Available Stocks


  • Investors that have an account with a participating Broker will be able to trade immediately.
  • After the broker has opened your Internet trader account you will be issued your login info to begin trading on the Cross Trade platform.
  • Investors will be able to modify price or amount at any time without incurring any cost.
  • The trading system is not a matching service, so to execute any trade will require you to physically submit the buy or sell order.
  • Orders are processed on a real time basis.